Freetown irons out agreement with AmeriCann

FREETOWN — The Board of Selectmen met briefly Monday with AmeriCann CEO Tim Keogh to iron out details regarding the town’s business arrangement with the medical marijuana cultivation and manufacturing facility.The town has a host community agreement with AmeriCann’s 52 acres of building space and operations. AmeriCann intends on leasing space to individual companies intending on growing their own marijuana and producing their own products. Instead of a simple letter of support to go with a company’s application to lease space from AmeriCann, each company must meet with the selectmen and receive a separate host community agreement with Freetown before acceptance.“The goal is to get the framework and legal work done here,” said Keogh.Under this arrangement, AmeriCann will pay property taxes to the town. Companies leasing space to the facility will pay all personal property taxes on all their equipment and materials used for growing and production.Board Chair Robert Jose said that getting this settled was important as it will prevent confusion by future selectmen over business relations with the marijuana industry.

Source: Freetown irons out agreement with AmeriCann

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