A high new world may come with surprises

The burgeoning marijuana industry in Massachusetts continually faces challenges of every sort. The manner in which it addresses and resolves those issues will ultimately shape the landscape and result in a steady marketplace, balancing the needs of the consumer with the ability to navigate the bureaucracy and changing realities.However, there is a challenge on the horizon that will surely test the nascent frontier.As the Herald’s Hillary Chabot reports, it is possible that the Bay State could face a crushing cannabis shortage in the next few months that could cause prices to surge and force retailers to ration purchases.In any retail business, a shortage of product would lead to a quick downward spiral as payroll and overhead costs would need to be met month to month. In short fashion, customers will tire of inflated prices for less product, and in the case of marijuana, return to buying on the street.Could there be a wave of businesses that collapse during the shortage?

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