To whom it may concern……

With all my heart … I thank you. You know who you are 🤟.

It’s been a crazy year, and it’s only February. The ups and downs, both personally and professionally have been overwhelming. One day we celebrate the next we mourn. I feel like we get over one loss for another to pop it’s head up.

I start to wonder what could have possibly happened in a former life to deserve so much pain. Did we laugh too much during The Book of Mormon and now paying for it? Thankfully though I feel the tide is turning.

A few are starting to see the end of a long tunnel. While others are just realizing their journey has now begun. I know so many of us personally are in different stages of pain and anguish. A kind that no one would wish on their worst enemies. After all that, I sit here and tear up from joy -the outpouring of love I saw as people gathered the troops to help a friend.

There are a lot of patients in need. It takes just a few of us to make a difference for someone. My heart feels so full to witness when the community does come together. I can’t express my gratitude, admiration, respect, and complete awe at how a virtual stranger has been welcomed into such a strong amazing group of people. I’ve been smiling for days now after so many weeks of tears.

It reminded me a lot of home. We would fight like cats and dogs among ourselves. Yet if someone hurt one of our own, we came together and were a force no one could win against. Some of us have literally jumped into fire to save a total stranger, but one who was still family.

My promise to you all is I will continue to use everything I have and am to pay it forward. I have never been in this industry or community for the money. Don’t get me wrong I’d love for us to have a real office and clubhouse one day…. but no I will not compromise myself to sell out to the highest bidder. After watching all the growing pains, it is so wonderful to see those who feel the same way getting it done. I love you all.

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