Remember to be kind

………this was supposed to go out last Monday.

As I sit here anxiously waiting for my family to call with the latest cancer news, I think how much has changed in the last week or so.

I’ve started to lose track of time, as I’m sure many of us have especially those with small children at home. It feels like yesterday life was normal and we were planning a big event. I was so excited about this particular party, I hoped it would put our budget where it needed to be to go to DC.

MassSense was going National this spring and had plans to attend Americans for Safe Access Unity Conference. I was beyond excited to finally show my team the wonders of DC. Not just how beautiful it is and the majestic monuments, but as advocates I really wanted them to experience it all.

ASA is the one time of year I feel I can be myself and talk about cannabis and my feelings about it to my heart’s content. It’s the one place I felt connected to strangers so powerfully because we all believed in the same thing. We were all fighting the same fight. We had faced all the same obstacles and it was such an empowering time. The lobbying at a national level was fantastic as were the discussions with others afterwards. Sharing ideas and war stories between all the patient advocates was always the highlight for me. I would come back all fresh ready to take on the next battle.

Only this year it was cancelled. Along with everything else that keeps us sane. Was it really only a week ago plus or minus a few days we were all planning for NECANN? One day we are baking goodies for our party the next we are fighting health professionals and others for pausing to figure out how best to cancel our event.

Most of us are small businesses trying to get into this industry. Some are here for profit other for more altruistic reasons. Whatever the case we all have a responsibility to ourselves to stay safe and keep others safe but also do as little harm as possible to these businesses trying to figure out what to do in this crisis.

In the coming weeks we must look to our trusted health professionals and care givers. Ones who are healers and care about helping people. With such a big health crisis going on, a lot of charlatans claiming to be healers are bound to pop their nasty heads to take advantage of a scared world. Don’t let them. Always fact check you never know if some friendly advice might be coming from a place not so friendly.

I personally have only one thing on my mind right now. My family. It’s what drives everything I do and shame on anyone who would ever say otherwise, just for the record because I do not pretend to be anything other than what I am.

I advocate so my kid won’t have to fight for help for his little sister. I advocate so my mom can get the life saving medicine she needs now available in her state. We still have a long road ahead. Getting a form of legalization in your state does not guarantee access for all people who need it. We still have a lot of work to do. Anyone who doesn’t see that should do some research.

So remember to be kind. Everyone is going thru a lot right now with all these changes. Let’s all be patient and try to look out for one another. A lot of us are going to be hurting emotionally, physically, and financially. Unfortunately this looks to be a marathon and not a sprint. I’m going to do all I can personally to minimize the negative drama that has been let in. Humor seems to be the key -humor, streaming, and cannabis. Make sure to keep everyone stocked up.

As I watch our friends in Europe I worry what the future will be. Two months or so ago we were all making jokes about the insanity in Asia. What will be in two months from now?

I finished writing. They still haven’t called 😢💔

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